Finding Peace

I realized after having such a crazy hectic life, that what I needed was not more complexity, but simplicity. I remember a conversation I had with a friend of mine, we went to the beach with another group of friends, and we were having a great time. Once we got there, we started a conversation, and I talked about how much beauty I find in the complex(a weird conversation, I know). And adversely, he told me how much he enjoyed the simple. I left that conversation feeling like I was in the right, but as I look back I understand that I was wrong.

Simplicity should be the end product. The thing that we all strive for. It is what will ultimately bring you peace. Our whole lives will be invested in sorting out the differences in opinion within our own brains and trying to find some sense of unity within ourselves. But if we were to instead try to simplify ourselves, we become united in the process.

This is the same for all wisdom. You can only claim wisdom to be yours if you are able to translate what you know into simple terms that anyone can understand. Simplicity implies unity, and it conveys inner harmony.

You can only find peace once you simplify yourself, who you are, and who you want to be. Thus the name of my blog and my youtube channel- Simple Wisdom.

It’s that simple,




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