Doing the Right Thing

There is always choice of morality. In whatever circumstance, and almost all of the time, the right choice is the hard choice. For if there was ever a struggle to know what the right thing was to do, it was not because of the apparent absence of a moral choice, but because of one’s own lack to want to do the right thing.

It is often the right choice that will cause us to be alone, to force us to choose between friends, lovers, and everything in between. So one must ask one’s self, is the moral choice actually the right choice?

If you are going to lose someone you love because of the right thing, was it ever the right thing to do to begin with? But I feel the answer to these questions is within the intent of asking them.

Are you asking these questions because you are looking for an excuse to not do the right thing? If a friendship or a relationship will ruin because of a moral/right choice, is it not right to leave such a friend? If you’re relationship depended on you doing the wrong thing, how productive and additive a relationship could it have actually been?

Figure out why you are looking for a way out. Your intentions will tell you everything you need to know.

It’s that simple,


Sorry for the short post, I felt kind of sick when I wrote this.

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