Thinking Within the Box

I remember in one of my english classes during my days in community college, when the professor allowed us to write about whatever we wanted. I was excited, I thought it would be easy because we were no longer constrained by a topic. And when it was time for me to start writing my paper, I was met with a surprise. . . I had nothing to write about.

What I realized was that by not having any direction, my creativity was not given a space to flourish. When I had a topic, my mind was given a direction to flow, but without the direction, the flow did not exist, and so my creativity was severely limited.

And so, if you are a creative, and you find yourself at a creative roadblock, give yourself a topic, a thesis, a box to be creative within. You will find that you will be able to bounce off its walls with ideas, and creativity will become natural to you once again.

It’s that simple,



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