Dealing with Haters

There are many upsides to being a public figure. You open yourself up to meeting a whole another world of people, and I get amazing messages and comments of how my videos have helped people with their journeys. But the positive exposure comes at the cost of gaining negative exposure as well. I have gotten a lot of hateful comments of this past year, and I would be lying to you if I told you that they did not affect me. I could go on about the specific things people have called me, but I do not want the pity nor do I need the sympathy. Instead, this post is going to be about how I was able to find a way to deal with the naysayers, the haters, and everything in between.

There is only one thing that I do when I read the hateful messages or comments, and I like to call it A TRANSLATION THOUGHT.

Yesterday of writing this, I received about 4-5 bashful comments that I had a hard time dealing with. They kept running through my head over and over, and it was hard for me to do anything else without thinking of what those individuals said. But by shifting the idea, or my perception of what those comments were doing to me, I was able to get over them and give myself a good night’s rest.

Instead of saying to myself that the I really do suck or that my videos are really awful,I told myself that these comments are there to humble me, and I need the humbling. Now the exact translation I made might not, and probably will not work for you, because you are not me. My translation worked for me, because I am always looking for ways to humble myself. Pride is huge weakness of mine, and so I try to medicate that by meeting with great people, and trying new sports and skills so I can constantly be a beginner at something. And so by telling myself that the comments were merely there to humble me, it had great resonance with me, and the comments shifted in my mind from a depressing and negative thought to a trivial but very empowering one.

The individuals comments transformed from a large unmovable force to a tiny and powerless idea.

So whenever you are met with a daunting task, a hateful comment, or a destructive argument, shift your perspective and make it something that will empower you.

It’s that simple,



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