When you do not want to keep going

There will be days when you are on fire. When you are motivated, when the stars seem to align for you, and working becomes a easy but passionate pursuit. I will not be talking about those days. Today, I will be talking about the days when you are not on fire. When you are not motivated. When it seems like everything on the world is trying to hold you back, when you’re just lazy. Maybe you ate too big of a breakfast or a lunch, and now you have a food coma and do not want to continue. Whatever the reason may be, you must have inner mechanisms to deal with these issues.

One of the biggest and strongest ways to overcome those days is to simple make working a habit. This is why most people get up in the morning to work at a job that they hate. It is out of habit. Hopefully you do not hate your job, and you are reading this because you are in a small lull (wink wink).

So let’s say you have already made working a habit, what about the days where  you just want to take it easy, and give yourself a day off? Whether it be from work, working out, or writing, you know that you shouldn’t take a day off, nor do you need to take a day off, but the bed is just so comfortable, and the day so fine, that you just do not have it in you to get up and get to work.

This is when you have to rely on self-talk. And there is a very specific type of self talk that one can use. One way is to give yourself a low bar to overcome. So for my blog, my low bar is 300 words. <—That was my 301st word, and so I have already met my bar, even though I have only started giving the advice. By giving yourself a low bar, your thinking changes into, “Ok, it’s just (insert your lowbar), let’s get this over with”.

Give yourself a low bar, some low hanging fruit to help you get into motion, because once you hit the low bar, what usually happens is that you go above and beyond the goal that you set. Try it out.

There is also the inner voice where I just tell myself to stop being lazy by giving myself ultimatums, and reminding myself of the negative consequences. I am a firm believe that your life is the outcome of your daily small decisions. And if you choose to be lazy or do something unproductive, it will have a ripple effect later on in your life, and will come back to bite you. And so this belief has pushed me out of bed countless times, to get after the things I need/want to get after.

Adopt beliefs that will make you more productive. Remind yourself of how harmful laying in bed all day is to not only your health, but also your future success.

Give yourself the habits, goals, and beliefs to success.

It’s that simple,



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