Picking yourself apart

I had a recent conversation with a old friend of mine from high school, and he messaged me out of the blue to get some advise. He broke up with his girl, and he was just in a tight spot. And since I have ran out of all the sympathy I had, I warned him that if I were to give him my thoughts, there was not going to be any sympathy compliments or white lies, he was going to get exactly what I thought. He said he wanted my advise, and so I gave it to him.

To make a long story short, I basically told him that strength is a choice, and whenever life gives you hardship, you have a choice to grow or shrink. I used a lot of profanity, and told him to stop being a pussy, and be the person he wants to be.

Of course I left a lot of stuff out, but I don’t know if what I said actually helped him. He seemed to really like what I was saying, and seemed to be motivated to change, but I also know that no matter how much I say, no matter how much I motivate him, I can never do his work for him. I can’t be the one to work out for him, read for him, push for him, he has to do everything by himself.

And that is what a lot of people today want out of their mentors, people delude themselves into thinking that people will become their “gurus”, and show them every step of the way.

Maybe there are people that do that, but I do not think that one can truly grow if they have someone telling them what to do. I think the correct mentor should be like checkpoints within a game to remind their student to either stay on track or go back on track. But after they reach the checkpoint, it is all up to the individual to reach the next one.

I’m going to check up on him in two weeks, I’ll tell you guys if my words were of any true help.

Stop being a pussy.

It’s that simple,



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