A Rule to Live By

If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, don’t do it period.

There is an epidemic of weakness in our world. We have allowed ourselves to become too weak. We use to be men and women that would conquer anything. When our children got bullied, we advised them to be strong enough to not let words affect them. Today, if a child gets bullied, the whole system is changed to cater to the victim’s needs.

We have become a society that forces the stronger to weaken themselves to the lowest common denominater. Why? Because the idea was good at the start, but it was contorted by weak people. Because it is easier to be weak, then to be strong. If you choose to be strong, you are choosing to endure pain. And it is in the very definition of weakness to fear pain.

IF you are reading this, then I assume that a part of wishes to be stronger, better, and greater. The secret to strength is simple and we all know it.

Be uncomfortable. Learn to like the pain. Endure it, and ultimately, enjoy it. But you knew that didn’t you? The secret to strength is too choose strength. We are all given a choice between strength and weakness every second. It is just the consistent choosing of being strong that makes one strong.

So when you have a moment of weakness, have the courage not to force everyone down to your level, but instead, the courage to rise to the level of others.

It’s that simple,



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