Developing a Badass Attitude

I think one of the things that I am known for is my mental toughness. I am someone that needs to be challenged everyday, and I love the daily grind of trying to improve. I get excited by hardship, and giving up is not in my vocabulary. I was not always like this. This character trait was certainly something that I had to develop overtime.

Although I was never a soft kid growing up, I grew up in a harsh home environment, and even lived in a rough neighborhood for a large portion of my childhood. But I would never push myself, I liked staying in my comfort zones. And this persisted all the way to the day I got kicked out. And even when I got kicked out I still did not have the “Badass-Attitude”, but going through homelessness and a great number of other perils, I started wondering what I was made of. What I could do. What I could accomplish.

And as time passed, and I started going after the things that I wanted, I continuously became convinced that their is nothing on this earth that I can not accomplish with hard work and direction. And so I realized that my success depended on two things; my capacity to work hard, or stamina, and my intelligence to locate the most efficient path.

I believe the badass attitude evolved from my aims to increase my stamina. I may have had a unorthodox approach to increasing my work capacity. I did a couple of things.

  1. Whenever there was something difficult and unpleasant that I came across, I made sure that I not only went through the hardship, but flourish and learn lessons within it.
  2. I worked out. . .hard.
  3. I invested a large amount of time in augmenting my  inner voice to tell me to keep going, and never give up.
  4. Constantly find new ways to challenge your badass attitude by giving it arduous tasks to accomplish.

The attitude was not created over night. It took months and years of continuous repetition and failure. Improving/changing yourself is not an easy thing to do, it will take time and a lot of hard work. But if there is someone that you want to be, if there is a personality trait that you wish you had, if you go after it, you will get it.

It’s that simple,


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