Putting Yourself Out There

I remember when I was around 18 years old, and for the first time in my life, I decided to put myself out there. I decided to go after a dream that I have had for almost all of my high school life. The dream was to become a male model(I know…I know). I was… Continue reading Putting Yourself Out There

Choosing What to Do

Most of our days are filled with monotonous tasks that we choose to do to keep ourselves busy. Whether it be checking our phones for email, checking our email for email, or checking on anything to keep our minds away from the real stressful tasks at hand. Success comes from the ability to not be… Continue reading Choosing What to Do

Dealing with Haters

There are many upsides to being a public figure. You open yourself up to meeting a whole another world of people, and I get amazing messages and comments of how my videos have helped people with their journeys. But the positive exposure comes at the cost of gaining negative exposure as well. I have gotten… Continue reading Dealing with Haters

When you do not want to keep going

There will be days when you are on fire. When you are motivated, when the stars seem to align for you, and working becomes a easy but passionate pursuit. I will not be talking about those days. Today, I will be talking about the days when you are not on fire. When you are not… Continue reading When you do not want to keep going