Weakness-What are you Made of?

I know a man that runs about 150 miles a week.

I know a man that ran for 2 days straight, a portion of which he ran with broken bones in his feet.

I know a woman that won a tough mudder race, where the men and women competed together, and she won against some of the most athletic men in the world.

We all know people who look past the pain, who endure the pain, and see besides their current struggle, a goal. Something to achieve and gain that will give them something as simple as peace of mind. These types of people do not care about their limitations, instead they focus on who they want to be that day.

Whether it be being better than they were the day before, or being better than everyone, the drive within them forces them to ask themselves, “What am I made of?”.

Because when you are at the end of your rope, when you are at the 75th mile and have 25 more miles to go, when you have been knocked down and you literally do not have the strength to keep going, the only thing that will push you forward is your mind. What then?

Will you give yourself sympathy?

Will you give yourself rest?

Will you allow yourself rest?

Or. . . Will you find something within you? Will you find your true strength. Strength that is not found in fibers of muscle within your arms and legs, but strength that is found in years of pumping desperation and pain instead of iron. Once you make contact with that inner well of strength, you will realize that you have never really pushed yourself until that moment. Because at that moment, you found what you are made of. You are made of a material that can never lose. You are made of the hardest stone, and the most dense metal.

So ask yourself, “What are you made of?”

It’s that simple.



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