Fat is not Beautiful

What started out as a good idea has swung into the depths of pure madness-body positivity.

This was a movement that started out to help young girls and women with eating disorders to get back into a healthy shape. And so, there was a huge cultural push of body positivity where we told the girls/women that they were all beautiful just the way they were and that they did not need to lose any weight to be beautiful. And this was all true, they were to skinny to be considered beautiful, and gaining weight would make them even more beautiful.

The idea was so obviously right, and that was the dangerous part that we overlooked. When an idea is considered to be morally just and charitable, it tends to spread in areas it shouldn’t, and the initial idea is stretched and interpreted in different ways to fit the individuals needs. And this is when body positivity was stretched into the lies of obese women.

If you are an obese woman, I see two potential paths. One, lose weight, or two, force people to lie about your “beauty” at the expense of political correctness. And it is obvious today that these individuals have chosen the latter.

Today, there is a movement of fat women trying to get people to appreciate their weight, and try to trick people into thinking that they are healthy. They cherry-pick whatever facts they can find to prove to others and most importantly themselves that they are beautiful and healthy. The movement itself requires a blindness to science and common sense, which should already be red signs to reject to ideology.

I have actually befriended a young woman who has gained a large amount of news coverage and popularity for being a body positive obese model. She has many fans who she regularly gives life advice and motivational quotes to. She is a very proud young woman, but I must ask myself, what is her pride based upon. She does have a very large following, much larger than mine. But her fame is at the expense of her physical and mental health, because if you have tricked yourself into thinking that you are beautiful and healthy when you are a 300+ pound woman, that is just neurotic.

It is not healthy to be fat. The real beautiful people are attractive to you, because you are biologically designed to be attracted to mating partners that can give healthy offspring. One of those qualities is being physically fit and healthy. This is why we are attracted to clean and vibrant skin, physical fitness, wealth, and all other things. Of course, we differ in our specific want and needs, but at the most basic level this is true for all human beings. And to so openly go against science is repugnant and most be stopped.

Body positivity was a once a good idea that has blown out of proportion into a tumor that is quite literally expanding and poisoning our population.

Get rid of it.

It’s that simple,


5 thoughts on “Fat is not Beautiful

  1. Thanks for this well written post. I fully agree with your thoughts. Worse, they’re now shaming healthy and slim women, accusing them of eating disorders and being unhealthy. It’s insane!

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