One Simple Trick that nobody is going to do, but will make school easy

A bit of a title on this blog post, but this was something that has been on my mind for the past couple of days, so I figured it was a good sign for me to get it on the blog. Last Sunday of when I was writing this, I had a conversation with a young man that was a bit nervous of his first year in college. He was going to go to UC Berkeley, and so he wanted to get the opinion of someone who actually goes there.

I was honest with myself, and I told him that it was a pretty easy school, but as I kept thinking, I realized that a lot of the students that went to that school were having a hard time. A lot of my peers told me about how little sleep they were getting, how they didn’t have time to exercise, hang out with friends, or do anything fun, because of how time consuming their classes were.

Without trying to come off as condescending, I wanted to know why I felt so differently. And the answer was pretty simple, I have been through worse. I have worked harder, done more difficult work, and I have actually experienced the real world outside of academics. And so, when I go to the school, I crush it because I don’t get nervous in class or with professors, and I am able to keep a cool head.

What were the things that I went through?

  1. I was homeless multiple times in my life.
    I actually recommend all of you to try to at least replicate the conditions of homelessness. Heck, go to your living room, and sleep in a sleeping bag and eat canned food for a couple days. It will teach you that their is nothing to fear, and that if you were to really become homeless, you would survive.
  2. I worked 13+ hour days as a chef.
    The pressures of a 2 Michelin starred kitchen made school seem like nothing. Literally a walk in the park.

And you will find other examples of this everywhere you look, but the point is to push yourself. Push yourself harder than what is expected of you, so that when you come back to what you need to do, the task will become so small in your own mind that you will simply crush it.

Now there are ways to this mentally. But that is for a later time.

It’s that simple,



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