Doing the Right Thing.

How do you let go of someone? How do you let go of someone that you has defined who you are? How can you willingly severe such a tie? Of course you love that person. But if deep down inside you know that they will not fully satisfy your needs, how could you stay with that person?

How can you tell such a thing to a person that loves you as well? “I’m sorry, but you are just not enough for me?” God, what an asshole that person sounds likes, and I have to be that person? Is it an asshole move to think that you deserve someone better? Should I be satisfied with dissatisfaction?

I guess heartbreak is unavoidable then. The individual thinks of forever, while I think in months and years. But if I were to never be satisfied, could I ever truly satisfy her? I’m sure that in their dream relationship, the satisfaction would be mutual as well. Or am I just telling myself this to make myself feel better? Who knows? God this is hard. I need some more time to think. I am still unsure.

A random thought exercise from yours truly.

It is a common practice in stoic philosophy to live out your worst-case scenarios. It brings them into reality, and you realize that if they were to come true, how you would deal with it. It shows you how small the giant worry in your head really is. Give it a try.

It’s that simple,

Sam Choi


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