Allowing Things to take their Time

If you simpletons are like me, then you have trouble letting things go. Whenever there is a problem, I tend to attack it until the problem is solved. And this sounds good in theory, but life is rarely ever so simple. Often times there are problems in life that just need patience, and no amount of activity will decrease the time it will take for the problem to be resolved. Whether it be something abstract like investing, where you just need to wait for the markets, or something super complicated like a person that just needs there space.

I remember when my girlfriend’s mother was super mad at us. And all I could think to do was keep trying to talk to her or contact her to open up a way of communication so things could settle. But as I was doing this, I realized that maybe she just needed her space, and my constant poking is just making the situation worse. And after a waiting a few days, everything settled down and came back to normal.

As I learn more and more, I realize that life is about finding balance and choosing paths.

So you guys have two choices. . . Subscribe to my youtube channel, or share all my videos. That’s about it in life.

It’s that simple,



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