The 40% Rule

You simpletons might be getting tired of my infatuation with the Navy Seals, but bear with me on this one. Former Navy Seal, David Goggins, who now holds the moniker of “The Fittest Man on Earth”, talked about the revelations he had during his Navy Seal training and deployment. And one of those things was what he coined, “The 40% Rule”.

I believe this was something that he realized either when he was working out to join the navy, when he had 80 pounds to lose, or when he was in Navy Seal training. While he was pushing himself, he realized something that would change his life. He realized that when he was at his breaking point. When he thought he had nothing left to give, in reality he had only given about 40%. He realized that your body tells you to give up, to stop, to retreat when you have only used 40%.

This realization allowed him to push himself forward, and he uses his findings as a sort of mantra to remind himself how much more he is capable of.

Now let’s reflect. How much of your capability have you been using? I bet it wasn’t 100%. Push yourself past exhaustion. Push yourself, and really see how far your body can/will take you.

Get after it.

It’s that simple.



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