Quench Your Thirst

Staying a step ahead of people.

Most people, when there is something that they want to do, but is out of their reach, they give up. They want to learn piano, but do not have one. They want to lose 30 pounds, but do not have a gym membership or gym clothes that fit anymore. They want to learn a new language, but do not want to spend money on lessons. Learning an instrument, getting fit, and learning a language are all very common goals that are never met because the individuals that want to accomplish them only want to accomplish them.

Now what if the same person that wanted to learn the piano, instead of simply wanting to learn the piano, it was the dying wish of their beloved mother/father for them to play piano at their funeral? I wonder if they would have the same reluctance to accomplish their goal?

What if the person that wanted to lose 30 pounds was instead told by a doctor that if they do not lose 50 pounds that they will die? More weight, but I bet they would lose that weight a lot faster than the person with 30 pounds to lose.

Would the language not be learned if you were to meet a lover from another country?

Now I am not saying that you should try to meet these odd circumstances. Instead, what I am trying to point out is the power of beliefs. The I want to this, compared to I must do this, shows the difference in attraction and lull to accomplish your goals. You have to hold yourself to a higher standard if you ever want to get anything done.

You have to tell yourself exactly what person you are going to be, and you have to hold yourself to that standard and try to get closer to you image everyday. That is the only way to accomplish anything. Make your standard. Then, live by it.

It’s that simple.



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