The Universal Truth to Starting Anything

If there is one thing that I have gotten better at over these past few years, it is starting. The hardest step is always the first step, and so that was the step I focused on. The number one thing that I learned, and I am so glad that I did, is that whenever you start something big like a business, a blog, or a youtube channel, you are not going to see progress for a long time. It is different for every medium, but patience will be a virtue in every one of them.

For Youtube, I believe you have to a consistent upload schedule for at least 2 years before you will see any traction. I am one month away from hitting my 1 year mark of making youtube videos, and I have about 600 subscribers. And I got most of those subscribers in the second half of the year. I remember making videos for months when I only had about 30 subscribers.

The knowledge of how rough it was going to be at the start is what allowed me to keep going. Most people, when they start something, they start with all this motivation and inspiration. And after weeks or maybe even months of planning, once they execute their plan for a business or a youtube channel, they make the mistake of expecting success right off the bat. And after life hits them in the face, they get discouraged, and most people give up.

Understand that its going to suck for a lot of months. When you’re in that stage, just know that no-progress is the progress. This is the part where you tweak and fix the parts of your business, channel, or blog to turn it into something truly special and unique to you. It really is the fun part where you can experiment with little to no risk. You just improve until you are ready to succeed.

So get after it, and suck for 6 months.

It’s that simple,


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