Forgetting How and Why to Rest

If my blog posts have been doing what they were meant to be doing then by now you guys are a bunch of crazy work robots like me. It has been a little over a week since I came back from my Japan trip, and there is something that I realized. I do not know how to relax by myself, or at least forgot. This is the first long stretch of free time I had since almost 2 years I think. For two years it has been nothing but study and hustle. It was a great time, and I don’t regret a moment.

To be honest, I do not even know what it means to rest. Or at least, my rest seems to mean something different. The last time I had a break that was longer than a week was about two winters ago. I spent that winter learning piano and violin everyday for almost 6 hours, sometimes more. I dedicated my breaks to learning things, and gaining new skills. I have an honest question, is that crazy? Because I think that is how it should be done. I never really burn out during school, and honestly, when I come back from these breaks, I do feel refreshed.

But just to try out being lazy and just staying at home, I did that for about a week. In the morning I would work out, then eat breakfast, and then write a blog post and memorize some Kanji. After the morning routine, I pretty much just did nothing. I watched netflix, play games, and did everything I could think of that equated to the stereotypical rest I had in mind. And after doing that for a day, I was bored out of my mind. I can’t imagine how someone can do this everyday.

I think I’m just wired different. But if you’re reading this, you must be so too. To me, when I find out that I am going to have a month or so long break, I think, “Sweet, what should I accomplish or learn?”

I would advise you guys to do the same thing. Try to get obsessed over something. Learn that language, that instrument, that martial art, that whatever that you have always wanted. And the month long process of learning will be so rapid and fun, that you will come out of the break feeling brand new. There is something about having fun and learning to exhaustion for extended periods of time that refreshes the brain. By giving the brain something new to stimulate itself with, it turns different cogs, and it allows the ones that you have been exhausting to cool down.

Next time you have a break. Give it a try. Give it a rest.

It’s that simple



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