The purest sport. The first sport. It’s what all other sports boil down to. Fighting

Many of you might think of fighting as a barbaric sport, and might especially look at mma as horror show of blood. And by no means do I mean to offend you if you think so, because I thought the same until very recently.

I always had an infatuation with fighting, something I imagine is common with all males within their youths. The idea of settling a matter with your hands, and trying to figure out who was the better of the two intrigued me. And although I had an array of encounters with fighting sports such as Tae Kwon Do and Wrestling, they were sports none the less.

It was only until this year where I actually started to learn how to fight. It was something that I have been wishing to do for a while, because of how I started to define the man I wanted to be. And to me, a man had to know how to fight. So I started taking Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. And with learning how to fight, I remembered a lesson that I re-learn over and over.

There are many pieces in classical music that sound like meaningless noise, but once someone learns how to play a piano, the once loud sounds become beautiful displays of skill.

The same goes for languages. If you do not speak the language, then it quite literally sounds like gibberish, but we know that behind the gibberish is a world full of meaning that is equal to our own.

The same went for fighting. I thought fighting was barbaric because I did not understand the nuance and skill to fighting. Since I did not have any point of reference, I was unable to interpret what was going on before me.

After learning the little I know, fighting, and the fighters in the UFC, and other organizations, I see the skill, and the years of harnessing their craft. It’s amazing. So today, I want to pass on the knowledge of when something seems barbaric, overly simplistic, or meaningless, that perhaps it is you who lacks perspective. Try giving that thing another try. Attempt to immerse yourself in many worlds and gain worlds of understanding in return.

It’s as simple as that.



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