How to Be a Gentlemen

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One thing that I hear all the time, and I’m sure that you have all heard is the phrase, “Chivalry is dead.”

I remember seeing countless woman paying for meals on dates.

men dragging women along, and instead of walking with them, and waiting for them to catch up or get up first.

Instead, the guy just leaves first, and walks ahead, while the woman is trailing behind.

This type of treatment is unacceptable in my eyes, and I pride myself on being a gentlemen. I mean, if I weren’t, I wouldn’t be making this right now.

I fully believe that it is the man’s responsibility to care for his woman. And now before all the social justice warriors reading this to decide to rally against me, allow me to first. . . open the door for you to get out and watch another video. Feels good right?

Now for the more reasonable women, I think you guys understand that I dont mean a woman should be a man’s possession, but rather the man should treat her like a rare jewel or a princess.

But it’s important to note that although a man that does not offer the gentlemen treatment is not raised right, equally true is the fact that if the woman does not receive the treatment with honest gratitude, then she was not raised right.

Chivalry goes both ways, and both participants should value each other.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s right ladies this is for you too, here is how to be a gentlemen.


  1. Open the door: Men’s what’s the point of working out those muscles if you’re not going to use them. And ladies, always say thank you. Don’t ever expect it. Remember, although it is an obvious for the man, ladies the gratitude should be an obvious for you.
  2. When you enter a room/restaurant, take the lead. Tell the waiter how many people are in the party, and stuff like that.
  3. When you guys sit down, let her sit first, and if it is a removable chair, take it out for her(DUH!) Ladies again, give affirmation to your man. Even the smallest smile will do, just make sure you do something to show your gratitude.
  4. When the food comes out, wait for her to eat first. This is just something personally that I do. It is just a sign of respect for me. Whether the girl get its or not doesn’t matter to me, it’s just something I like to do.
  5. Now while eating, maintain table etiquette. Look at her eyes, for the love of god do not go on your phone. This means you too ladies. No phone. No! . . .no!
  6. And most likely, during one of your dates, she is going to have to go to the restroom. When she excuses herself, men for the love of god, do not ask why. Just let her go. Next.
  7. Finally the bill comes. Pay for it. Simple Wisdom. Wink.
    Now, on the unlikely event that the lady insists. If you the man have been paying for each meal, and she feels guilty, still pay. This is where I run into trouble when I tell people this. This is just my philosophy. And here are my thoughts. This is my way of gentlemenship. It is something I have tailored to my own beliefs. It is your job to take the principals and tailor them to your personality. Maybe it will feel wrong to you to make the woman feel guilty, so your change will be to allow her to pay for every tenth date, or anniversary. I choose not to because I think women feel guilty because they have been taught that it is unequal for the man to pay for everything. The way I look at it is that money is just one form out of the many ways to show love. So if the woman wants to pay me back, she can just show her affection. Give me a hug. Grab my hand.  Give me a kiss. Etc. so ladies, equality does not have to mean the amount of meals paid for, honestly most men don’t care, what would make them feel a lot more loved would be the spontaneous no reason hug you give them. Or maybe the random kiss here and there. Give it a shot.
  8. Most importantly. Grow. This is for both sexes. Grow. Grow when you’re apart, and grow when you’re together. Edify yourself, and then edify each other. Growing will not only make your guys better people, but it will bring the excitement back. If you learn something new and gain a new skill, all of a sudden, the partner doesn’t know you as well, and you become mysterious to them. Grow. Grow together. Grow apart. That last part is just as important as the rest. You guys have to spend time apart to avoid suffocation. You guys will miss each other, and come back with a more fervent love as well so it’s a win win.

Now I bet you’re not the only person that would enjoy this, and learn from it at the same time. Please share this post with the boys to turn them into men. And ladies, share this blog post with the girls to turn them into ladies. 




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