True Morality

After listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast with Jordan Peterson, my mind was infatuated with one of their talking points. Jordan Peterson talked about evil.


To better elaborate, I shall take the matter into my own hands.

We have all met a goody-two shoes. An individual that is incapable of doing anything immoral. Someone whose personality is so attached to the idea of doing the right thing that they are incapable of doing the wrong thing, much less anything evil. I argue that this person is not moral.

Being moral is the choice to do the right thing over the wrong thing, but if the choice to do the wrong thing is taken from you, then you do not have a choice, and therefore, the option to be moral disappears.

Morality needs choice. And in order to be truly moral, one must embrace their evil side, understand it completely, and control it. Morality comes from the monster that chooses to be human, not from the angel that is programmed to be good.

We must look at ourselves and reflect on our capability to do horrid things. When we hear stories of murder, Holocaust, rape, and other atrocities, do not remain in ignorance and believe that you could never commit those crimes. Instead, receive the information as a call to reflect, and try to understand how even you can be pulled to committing the acts. Although you would not do those acts, understand how you could. It is simply the difference in life choice.

Understand that you are one slip away from immorality, and continue to choose to be moral. This is not an easy path to follow. It is simply much easier to be moral if we are unable to be immoral, but the more noble path is to have the choice given to you, and consciously choose the right path. Choose which life you would like to lead.



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