Being 21

Aging is something that I have already begun to hate. I loved the idea of being 18. Saying good bye to the days of when my age always begun with a 1 was hard thing for me. This was because I was infatuated with my self-image as a young teenage prodigy. The 18/19 year old that was getting after his dreams, and achieving so many milestones. But as I broke through my teens and got into my 20’s, I dreaded the aging. My accomplishments seemed less amazing as I got older, and so I resented the fact that I was getting older.

But after hitting 21, another milestone, I have gained some clarity.  Accomplishments that only seem like accomplishments because of the age in which they were accomplished are no accomplishments at all. A true accomplishment should stand on its own. The awe should come from the accomplishment itself, not how old you were. Now of course there are accomplishments that are amazing because of the very fact that the individual was so young, but one should not seek to accomplish anything because of how young they are. One should set out to achieve their goals simply because of the desire to fulfill their hunger for growth and self-improvement.

And let’s face it, I’m still young, and I’m still trying to accomplish my huge goals. I have yet to come even close to achieving them, but I believe with all my heart, that with hard work and direction, one can achieve anything.

I’m 21 years old. I know nothing. I am just trying very hard to know something.

Do not let your age become an obstacle for your own success and mental peace. It really is just a number. If your age is holding you back from being healthy because you think it is too late for you, the amount of elderly individuals that pick up weight lifting and running to then change their physical health entirely should convince you otherwise.

If you think you are too young or inexperienced to apply for a job, look for the people younger then you that have achieved what you have set out for. When I was wanting to be a chef, one of the thing that pushed me to go after it was seeing a teenager that was 2 years younger than me get after it as a chef. Role models are there to not only guide us, but to show us that it is possible.

Find your role models, and you will find your confidence.

Get after it.



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