Enjoying Life Now

I was watching a video about celebrities talking about how wealth and fame did not bring them joy. And also, how when they achieved what they set out to achieve, when they found their ideal success, the joy in the achievement or the success was shallow. It was not as fulfilling as they thought it was going to be.

And by the end of the video, they talked about how during their pursuit, somewhere along the way, they lost themselves. They became disconnected with who they are. And at the end they advise the people to be true to themselves, and stay connected to their integrity and identity.

And although that is all fine and well, and they have learned from their mistakes, I believe that you can take it one step further.

It was disconcerting to me that they were not able to feel satiated with their success at it’s highest levels. It was disconcerting to me when they said that I/anybody else would not be satisfied by the heights of success. I think this is wrong.

They were unable to feel fulfilled during the time of their highest wealth and fame because they were disconnected. How could you feel something down to your soul, if you are not a part of it? How can you be fully satisfied if you are not fully yourself? I think it is possible to have wealth and fame while maintaining your integrity and identity. They do not have to be exclusive. And one of the easiest ways of doing so is by having a gratitude practice.

One thing that I use to do in the past, and need to do more of is write down 3 things I am grateful for.

  1. Something big you can be grateful for(A house, a laptop, a car, etc)
  2. Someone you can be grateful for
  3. Something small you can be grateful for(A moment of silence, the breeze on your face, a beautiful sky, etc)

Being grateful does so many things. First it grounds you. It keeps you humble. When you look at your life as a series of blessings, you take your ego out of the picture, and you gain a more honest perspective on yourself. And by practicing gratitude, gratitude becomes habit, and it becomes easier and easier to be grateful. And so, if you keep the practice up all the way to the heights of your success, you can bet that you will feel fulfilled.

You do not feel shallow because of wealth and fame, you feel shallow because you have become blind to the depths of your own soul.

  1. I am grateful for my suitcase full of clothes.
  2. I am grateful for an old man that always had my back.
  3. I am grateful for the boxing gloves in my bag.

What are you grateful for?

Keep it simple,



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