How to Get Over Jet Lag

This will be a much more straight forward piece, so this should be a much more easy read.

Jet-Lag. Once coming back from a place you spent more than 3 weeks in with a 16 hour time difference, Jet-Lag should be expected. Now in order to get use to the new time schedule as soon as possible, here are the things I do to get over Jet-Lag.

  1. Don’t Nap.
    I know how tired you feel, but a nap now will mean either not sleeping till 3 or waking up at 3. Stay tired until 10 pm, and then go to sleep.
  2. Work Out.
    Exercise will increase the amount of melatonin during your sleep cycles, and this will allow for a deeper and more restful sleep, something that you will really need.
  3. Eat Healthy and Snack.
    A bit of an oxymoron, but just to help you feel less drowsy, eat healthier. Stay away from foods with saturated fats, or foods that have been fried, because the oil will make you more drowsy, and thus more likely to want for a day-time nap.
    The Snacking is recommended near the time you should go to sleep, so it can give you a more deep and restful sleep. So have some fun.

That was easy. Just do those things, and you will get over jet-lag. Simple.



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