How to become Beautiful Part 2

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And so instead of looking to fashion, male models, and working out, I turned to books. The most beautiful people were beautiful because they all had different belief systems that allowed them to naturally live a certain way. I needed to reconstruct myself from the bottom up. And this is where things started to get very interesting.

So I that was that. I was about to embark on a huge journey of self-discovery and re-creation. Who was I? What was holding me back?

I was always an introspective person. I wondered about my own thoughts, and I was always trying to find ways to improve myself. But I never really improved, because there was always something that would get in my way– myself.

I wanted to improve. I tried to improve. But I did not know how, so progress was near nonexistent.  That was when I stumbled across an author named Tim Ferriss. He authored books called The Four-Hour Workweek, The Four-Hour Body, Four-Hour Chef, and Tools of Titans. He talked about focusing on being effective instead of being efficient. What’s the point of doing something really well, if that thing has no value to you? His words were like a free bag of cocaine, and I was like a itching addict looking for my next hit– I didn’t stand a chance.

It wasn’t long until I read/listened to all his books, read his blog posts, and listened to his podcasts. I was sucked in. And from his books, that is where I began my journey of going after my dreams. And if you have been reading my blog posts, I’m sure you guys are tired of how many of my dreams I accomplished, so I will spare you the details.

But what does this have to do with beauty? While searching for the answer of how to become beautiful, I realized how to attain it. One does not become beautiful by chasing after beauty. Instead, beauty is a byproduct.

I’m going to say that one more time.

Beauty is a byproduct.

You all know people who try their best to be good looking or beautiful, do they ever succeed? Really, all their efforts do is guide them down the path of looking like a try-hard, pathetic, ugly, or an even uglier concoction of all three.


If you look at a sakura tree, something indisputably beautiful, do you see any effort to be beautiful? Is the cherry blossom trying it’s hardest to be beautiful? Or is it in their DNA to produce bark, flowers, and roots in a certain way in order to survive where beauty stems from accidentally?

I know you can point at all the celebrities that get their make-up done, and are inarguable beautiful and tell me that my philosophy is a sham, but I argue with this. Even amongst celebrities, if you were to elect the most beautiful among them, you would make your final decision based on their character. And you would automatically discount the individuals “try” to be beautiful.

So indeed, beauty can be due to dna, but the more important factor, I would argue, is the character of the individual. Physical beauty is superficial, and so by definition, by focusing one’s energies on the superficial, the individual becomes superficial themselves.

Becoming a Cherry Blossom

Instead of focusing on how I looked, fixing my hair, buying clothes, I instead focused my time on developing character. And my question evolved to where a byproduct of my search would be beauty. It went from

How do I become beautiful?


What kind of person do I want to be?

And the answer to this question is infinite, because perfection is impossible. There is always room for improvement, and that is what I keep trying to do. Now what I’m saying is not that in order to be beautiful you have to be someone that is always improving(although I do recommend it), but if you remember earlier when I said that people have their own individual belief systems that allow them to be beautiful, I instead recommend to find you’re own formula of natural beauty. Find the answer within yourself. Go on your own journey, and you will find that beauty will naturally follow along with you.

Today, I’m not trying to be beautiful anymore. I’m just trying to be the best me that I can. Whether it be through physical fitness or mental fitness, I try to try my best at being the best me. Not the best Daniel Craig, not the best Lee Min Ho, but the best me. So be the best you. Now here is when I start giving some strict guidelines to follow, and you can pick and choose whatever you please.

  1. No social media. This means facebook, instagram, twitter, anything. Unless of course it is to check up on yours truly (wink).
    For both men and women, social media has become something to compare and contrast yourself to others. All it does is either lower your self-esteem or fill your head with more obstacles for you to overcome. Just don’t do it. Or at least restrict your time by 90%.
  2. Keep Track of Everything.
    Record your progress. If there is some habit that you want to develop, or something new you want to try, track your progress. I like to take index cards, and divide them into 28 sections, and x-out one box for each day I stick to the habit or plan I am trying out. You can also journal everyday for 5 mins and just reflect on what you did, and what you are going to do. There are millions of way to go about this, just make sure to stay on track by keeping track.
  3. Do not tell your friends
    One of the biggest mistakes you can make, and something that almost everyone does, is when you are about to start making a change or going after a goal, people tend to tell their friends, family, and colleagues of what their goals are. A scientific study showed that people who do so become significantly more unlikely to follow through, because the psychological effect of telling the people of their goals reduce motivation to achieve the goal themselves. Why? Because when the individuals told people their goals, people felt a sense of accomplishment because they told them their goals. It makes the feel good, and so they no longer feel the need to change anything, and they stay 20 lbs overweight, 1 gpa point below average, and 1 language away from being bilingual.
    You should only tell your goals to people that will keep you accountable. Tell people that will not take any bullshit from you. If you don’t have any of those people, then you don’t have anyone to tell you goals.
  4. READ
  5. Work out for at least 20 minutes everyday
    You’d be surprised how rejuvenating a workout can be for the mind. A 20 minute sustained workout will give you more energy throughout the day, and it will also continue to expand your energy supply. I’m talking about increasing your stamina people. Just get on the floor, do some push ups, sit ups, squats, and go for a run. It’s not rocket science. And guess what?? You will look better.

Anyways, that was the basics. Go on your own journey, and discover the truth about yourself, and become beautiful along the way. And if you find some time, please share my stuff,, whether it be this blog post, or my youtube videos.

I hope you guys liked this series. If you did, tell me what you thought down below.



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