How to become Beautiful

Like all of us, when I walk around I am self conscious of how I look(sometimes). If my hair is a little scuffled, or if my clothes are less presentable, I walk around feeling, to put it bluntly, ugly.

“Ah man, I bet she thinks I’m not good looking or worthy.”

“Ah she didn’t look at me, well that settles it. . . I’m ugly today”

Yep that was me.

Thankfully the story doesn’t end there. I am man of obsession and dissection. The only  way I can understand something is if I understand every single component of the object of my attention. And so in the past it would take me a lot more time to understand and retain concepts than my peers, but once I understood something, I would have a much more deeper understanding than most people, and would usually excel. And so, with the same mindset, I attacked the concept of beauty.

The question I set out to answer was, “What does it mean to be beautiful?”

The biggest mistake I made while searching for the answer to my question was by starting outside of myself. I looked to the world for my answer. I modeled myself to my idols or beauty role models, and tried to walk, talk, and act like them. And so I looked up to people like Lee Min Ho and Daniel Craig.


I thought, “If I fake it till I make it, then I will become beautiful!”

And although that type of thinking did work for me a while, there was one major flaw-I had to put on a face. I’m not talking about lying to myself, I’m actually talking about the effort I had to put in to be a James Bond or a Lee Min Ho. It was something that I had to consciously do. And since I had to put in effort, it was not the beauty I was looking for.

I was looking for natural beauty. The way I look at beauty is, when I think of the most beautiful people I have ever seen and met, they radiated beauty like the sun radiated heat. It was a part of who they were. It was natural for them to be beautiful. And if I had to act, move, use energy to be beautiful, then I was going in the wrong direction in my eyes. And that’s when I figured it out. This was my aha moment, my EUREKA!

If I wanted to be a naturally beautiful person, then the answer I am searching for is not out in the world, but rather within myself. But there was a second part to the answer that was equally important. In order to find my answer, I would need to use the outside world as my guide. This important shift in perspective changed everything.

And so instead of looking to fashion, male models, and working out, I turned to books. The most beautiful people were beautiful because they all had different belief systems that allowed them to naturally live a certain way. I needed to reconstruct myself from the bottom up. And this is where things started to get very interesting.

Tune in next week for the next episode.





2 thoughts on “How to become Beautiful

  1. Your advice is wise. It is not something most people will appreciate. Perhaps it is something they will understand at an older age having roamed the earth for many decades.


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