Combating Laziness

So if you simpletons have been following my blog, then you will have notice a difference in my blog posting speed. I went from releasing a blog post every week, to every other day, to back to every week, and now I have yet to release a post for the last two weeks.

Now some might ask, “Why the laziness?”

Am I slowing down? Have I lost the passion that I once had? What is happening?

Well… a hidden drive behind all of my endeavors for the past year was to find my limit. After having worked at a fine dining restaurant, I came to a life-changing realization that I have been living life in first gear, and that I had a lot more gears to tap into. And after that experience, I decided I would try to be as productive as possible, and I wanted to see how much I could put on my plate before I keeled over.

And this is what the general evolution looked like.

For the first 5 months.

  •  one part time job of working about 7 hours a week.
  • 13 units of classes at uni
  • working out 6 times a week(lifting weights)
  • Making a youtube video every day
  • writing a blog post every other day
  • And a lot of smaller projects in between(school projects, youtube collaborations, etc)
  • Skyping my girl 3 times a day

After that, I went to Japan, and had the time of my life, and then I really decided to up the throttle, and push myself to become the best man/person I can be.

For the last 5 months, my schedule has evolved into~

  • 2 part time jobs (waiter, sushi chef) working on average 20+ hours a week
  • 15 units of classes at uni +studying and projects in between
  • lifting weights 6 times a week
  • running 5 times a week (.5 mile at a 5min 30 mile pace)
  • swimming 2 times a week
  • Muay Thai 2 times a week
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2 times a week
  • Youtube videos weekly
  • Blog post weekly
  • Skyping my girl 3 times a day

And so, after doing this every week, I sort of burned out. I found myself becoming very groggy, and generally exhausted.

It was hard for me to stay awake in some of my classes, and I just always felt tired. It felt great though. I felt like I was becoming a man by learning how to fight. I started focusing on the quality of my videos, and they have improved tremendously. School has become a lot easier for me. And I have learned so much. However, the past 2 weeks, I have devoted to resting. I overtrained, and my body was just atrophying from how hard I was pushing it. It is good to push yourself, but don’t forget to give your body rest. And guess what? I still haven’t found my limit. I might have touched it for a second, but after this rest period, you can bet that my body and my mind will come back stronger than ever, and this schedule will feel like nothing to me.

I’m excited to see where I will go, and how I will grow. I hope you guys are excited with me, and push yourselves along side me. Find your limits, and then push them the fuck back.


You can sleep when you’re dead.



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