Finally Made a Vlog from My Japan Trip!!!

So if you simpletons have been following my channel and my blog, then you would have known that I went to japan over my winter break. I took a lot of footage, and had a lot of fun. However I procrastinated and was unable to make the videos because of a pretty personal issue.

I was too heart broken. I had such a great time, and saying good bye was so hard, that I was just mentally unprepared to make the vlogs, and revisit the heaven I came from. Now that enough time has passed, I was finally able to sit down, and make the vlogs. And its funny how I am only able to make the vlogs when I am literally weeks away from going to japan again.

But before I talk about that, I just want to let you guys know about the vlog format. The vlog was very much formatted to give you guys what I experienced. There is little to no editing, besides some translations, and I did not put in any music. I know this goes against regular convention, but I’m not here to conform. I’m here to be honest.

So I hope you guys enjoy, and without further ado, my first 2 days in japan~


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