Andrew Yu: Powerlifter, Future Cop, and my Good Friend

So last week, I went back to L.A. and caught up with a lot of my old friends. And in one instance, I was able to do something with a friend that we haven’t done in ages. We sat in his car, and talked about life.  It was a great time. It was one of the best and most memorable conversations I will ever have. We started talking at 12 something, and left at 3 Am. I only recorded about an hour of the conversation, but I picked up a lot of nuggets along the way.

Andrew is pretty amazing. He only weighs about 165 lbs, and is able to lift over 1200 lbs (bench+deadlift+squat). He is aiming to compete in powerlifting competitions, and dreams of opening his own gym. He is working to be a cop, and I know he’ll get there. Give my friend Andrew Yu some love.

I hope you guys enjoy the conversation, and please comment down below if you want some more content like this! And please share!

3:23 People Afraid of Success
5:00 Andrew’s High School Experience
10:05 Why Sam does Youtube
13:00 Failure is Necessary(Andrew’s Journey to discovering his path)
17:30 Starting and taking the Long Path (Motivational)
22:15 Visualizing your Goals
29:38 When Rest is Necessary
31:05 What Friendship Should Be
44:00 When People Talk Crap Behind Your Back: When People Don’t Believe in You



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