Tough Love

You’re the average of the 5 people you hang out with most.

I was thinking about the people that I know, the people that I allow into my life, the people that I limit the access they have to me, and the people that I straight up do not allow any access to me.

We all start out at zero. And it is already hard enough to get from 0 to 1, that I do not need anybody else to bring me back down. It’s not a matter of being nice, it’s a matter of understanding that you do not have time to waste. You’re time is too valuable to allow other people to drag you down, and you are already getting in your own way by lying to yourself that it is the right thing or the nice thing to do to keep someone around who is holding you back.

I think the most important/most valuable people you can have in your life, are the people that will not allow any bullshit from you.

The people that will be honest and upfront to you when you are slacking off, or not living up to your own potential, and will stop you dead in your tracks and tell you so, right in-front of your face.

I need someone to keep me on track. Just today, I wasted so much time just browsing the internet, and looking up useless information to waste time. And honestly, before I get that friend that will keep me accountable, I need to keep myself accountable. I have to understand who the hell I am, and be the person that I not only need to be, but should be.

It is all a choice. We choose to slack off. We choose to be weak. Because in our moments of mild discomfort, we look for the easy way out and we try to tell ourselves, that it is okay to quit, or it is okay to loosen what grip we have on life.

Get yourself a friend that will not allow yourself to be less than who you can be. Who you should be. And most importantly be that friend to yourself.



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