Drawing my own Manga: Day 3

I have made this day into a youtube video, and I would love it if you guys would watch it~


Now to continue from my last manga blog post, I had to finish up my rough sketches.

And this is where I ended my first draft. The next part is for me to ink in the lines, so that I can move onto finishing the page.

I still can’t believe I use to this everyday, and make multiple finished drafts from start everyday. It just shows how far I have fallen, and although I am sad of the skill that I had lost, I am deeply happy that the skill I had was a great one. Because any skill that can be maintained over a decade with no practice is not a skill at all.

Anyways here is my first ink draft.

As you can see, the pencil markings are still there, but it looks much cleaner. My next step would be to erase all the pencil markings, and fill in the finishing touches to the page.

However, I messed up on this stage. Haha

While erasing, I made creases on the page. And while making the finishing touches, I did not like how the bottom right hand corner turned out. But all well, that is why I am doing this. To be able to get back on my feet, and the only way to do so is by accepting yourself completely. So that is exactly what I did.

This was as far as I got today, but I hope you guys have been enjoying this series so far. If you have please share and comment down below!




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