Heaven on Earth | A Story of Long Distance


This video is a little more romantic. But I wanted to promote gratitude. We too often take people for granted. And we fail to realize the blessings in our lives. We focus too much on what we don’t have.
So here’s the poem~
I don’t know what it is about distance that makes us so close.
What does the space between screens mean to our relationship?
I don’t know why being 5,310 miles away from each other make us feel so close.
Because of the distance, we need to communicate. We need to tell each other about our days, our thoughts, our worries.
Not being next to each other, forces our souls to come together.
You see, love is the distance between you and I.
No time gap will ever change that.
Whether I’m awake and you’re sleeping, or you’re awake and I’m dreaming,
Love shall forever be the distance between you and I.
And the bond we have will close the distance between us.
Thank you for being that lesson.
Thank you for being that guardian, that angel.
Thank you for being my Heaven on Earth.

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