Drawing my own Manga Part 2

Please Watch the Video I made about my Process and Thoughts here!


Please Enjoy

So as I finished the storyboard and character development, I decided to go ahead and start the final project.

First thing I had to do was draw the panels.  I didn’t have a ruler so I had to fold a price of paper over, and make due with that. And in about 30 minutes I got my panel lay out.

Now after that, I started drawing the rough draft of what each panel would look like.

So my basic process before when I use to do this all the time, and when I actually wanted to be a manga artist, I would draw rough sketches in pencil. Keep editing until I was satisfied, and then ink it all in with a black ink pen.

And so this is what I got so far.

So this took about 40 minutes to draw altogether, and I am not completely satisfied. I wanted to finish this video project by today, but I don’t want to rush it. So I will have to make it a 2 parter.

I am going to redraw the upper left hand panel completely, and make it a little more funny and extreme.

Anyways I hope you guys liked this series so far, and I hope you guys keep reading!

Please share if you like what I am doing, and subscribe to my youtube channel (simplewisdom).

That will help a lot

Thanks simpletons!



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