Drawing my own Manga: Day 1

So as promised, I am giving myself a project to take up drawing once again. Drawing has always been an outlet for me as a child. It was an easy way to lose myself, and forget about the world, and zoom in on a single thing for hours at a time.

I remember those days, and look back with such euphoric nostalgia, and I hope to reignite the passion once again.

And so, I gave myself a small project to draw a single manga page.

It is part of an assignment for my English class, so I thought this would be a great chance to kill to birds with one stone.

So for the first step.

1. Storyboarding

I am forced to use my crappy comprehension notebook to storyboard, but this is what my process looks like.

I do a rough sketch of how I want my panels to look, as well as what I want them to say.

In this page, I am focusing on my thoughts on being an Asian American.

After developing a storyboard, I didn’t want to go right into developing the final draft, because I wanted to make sure I got my “manga self” down first. 

And that was a journey all by itself.

I looked at pictures of myself, and manga that I admired, and tried to develop the look I want.

I am not quite there yet, so I will have to keep practicing. I have to admit, I am really enjoying the process, so please stay tuned for the next part!



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