Going After Dead Dreams

We all have dead dreams. Dreams that we once had when we were kids, and maybe even honestly went after to gain a career. But then life happens, we lose interest, or we spend so much time away that we lose what skill we once had, and we never bother to pick it up again.

One of those dreams of mine were to become a manga artist. I am an only child. And as a child, my family would move around a lot, and not that it was hard to make friends, but sometimes we moved to places that were not the most populous. And so, I had a lot of time by myself, and I would play with toys, read children’s books, play video games, or very often, draw.

Since I could remember, I always had copy paper readily available for me to draw on. As I got older, I kept drawing, until I came across a manga called, “Bakuman” (not bakugan). It was about two high schoolers who decide to team up and become manga artist.


For the first time in my life, the secrets of the professionals were made known to me, and I was shown how the amateurs became professionals. And that is when I got obsessed. I would draw everyday for hours on end, making my own comics, and try to storyboard, draw, and finally ink 2-4 complete pages a day, just like the pros.

I was having a blast. It was so much fun to be so dedicated to something, and see my skills grow day-to-day. But then high school happened.

I was still dedicated for much of my freshmen year, but as time passed, and my grades became more important to me, I leveled off in my drawing, and it became more of a hobby then a lifestyle. Something that I would commit to occasionally.

And the time I would spend drawing became less and less frequent, until I stopped entirely, and it would be years until I would start up again.

Fast forward to today.


I am currently taking a graphic memoirs class, that focuses on the comic book memoir, and one of my assignments is to make a single page graphic memoir. This has re-sparked my memories of the beautiful artistic times that once were, and I have decided to pick up my pen once again.

So, I plan to log my journey of constructing this one page, and show you guys how I developed my own manga style, as well as how I will develop my manga memoir.

I look forward to sharing with you guys. Thanks again.




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