A Shift for the Sake of Higher Quality

It is commonplace in our lives to add things, to complicate things, all for the sake to improve some aspect of our lives. Whether it be going to the gym, reading for an hour, or maybe just cooking food, we have all tried to improve ourselves by implementing healthy habits.

Now for the past 10 months, I have added the following habits.

  • Eating exclusively at home.
  • Writing a blog
  • reading 1-3 books a week (or several podcasts)
  • Working out 5 times a week
  • Uploading youtube videos from a weekly, to a bi-weekly, to a daily, and ultimately a weekly basis.
  • Getting 2 jobs

I keep adding more stuff, because I get use to the routine, and I get bored. And so, I search for something else to do, add that to my routine, and repeat process.

And I have been doing so for the past couple of years.

I have been stretching my identity, trying to gain as many skills as possible, and have been doing so with excellent efficiency. But now, I am trying to regress on stretching, and focus more on strengthening what skills I have. And so, that is why I decided to stop uploading daily videos, and start uploading a higher quality of video on a weekly basis.


I have already learned so much about cameras, editing, and story-boarding, that I am, quite frankly, addicted to the process once again. Before, making videos became easy. I just had to say what I was learning or thinking about, and then make a couple of routine edits here and there, until I got the same quality of product. I had grown as much as I could have when it came to the daily videos. And so, I switched over, and now I have regained the excitement of being a youtuber.


Now this doesn’t mean that I have stopped trying to attain new skills. Not at all.

For example, I am currently working to release a podcast series, and also having great fun researching and creating scripts.


So all in all, I am enjoying life, it is getting a little cramped, so I will have to try to to find more legroom, but so far so good.

Thanks guys, stay tuned for some good content~


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