There is always something you will be interested about.

There is always something to learn that you will be interested about, and want to actually learn.

So whenever you find yourself watching a useless video, or some stupid reality tv show that will not make you a better/smarter or more accomplished person, understand that if you gave a little effort to finding that one thing that you will love to learn about, you could spend the hour that you would have wasted, and invested it into yourself.

Right now, I am very interested in Nigiri sushi, and edomae style sushi. I just bought a book by Sukiyobashi Jiro(from Jiro Dreams of Sushi), and I really want to just read that book, because it’s fun.

If books aren’t fun for you right now, read them until they become fun. Hustle through as many books as you have to, until they start become entertaining. addicting.

I actually want to spend my free time learning about sushi. I don’t want to watch some tv show, or waste my time watching vine videos on youtube, I want to read the book that I bought, and learn as much as I can from the master of sushi.

There is always something that you will want to learn, and will be infinitely interested about. Just because it is not obvious to you, does not mean that you can’t find it with a little bit of effort. I was just lucky to happen upon mine, but if I ever find myself wasting time, you know what I am going to tell myself.

Find your love, and get after it.


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