Who Am I: Script

Where do we find value?

What pushes us, what drives us to look past our inconveniences and only see what is in-front of us? What puts us in the zone?

Who are you?

Where do I find value? What pushes me, what drives me to look past my inconveniences?

Who am I?

I love learning, and feeling accomplished. I see titles like Chef, Polyglot, Virtuoso, and Athlete, and I think, “I want that”.

So, who am I?

I’m someone that wants. Simple enough. Now I don’t just want anything, I want prestige, honor, glory, and responsibility. I lust after knowledge and wisdom. The more and more I know, the more and more I realize I do not know, and that there are untapped secrets waiting to be revealed.

I’m also disciplined. I get things done. I stay ahead of schedule, because I know, that life will hit me, and bring me back to the norm. It’s better to trip while your ahead, then when you are exactly where you need to be.

I look forward. I look ahead.


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