Strategize Reality

One of the biggest problems with people that try to create a life strategy, or a game-plan, a business decision, or a business strategy, is that they forget to take one thing into consideration- reality.

When people create a plan, whether it incorporates just the individual or other people, people assume that people will work at their highest potential 24/7. In reality, this is not the case. There will be off days, there will be days when you will feel out of the game, and you don’t want to go at it giving it your all. This problem grows exponentially especially when your strategy involves other people.

People are not robots. They can not consistently produce at a high rate forever. They will not share your enthusiasm for your plan(one way out is to allow them to make the plan). You have to take all of this into consideration. You have to give your plan back doors to maneuver around the inevitability of life.

Now this does not mean that you plan with the idea that everyone will fail you or work at a slow pace. Everyone is different. In every work place, there are people that hustle and get work done, and there are slackers that like to take things at their own place. The mistake would be to give the hustler a slacker’s work, and the slacker a hustler’s work.

Understand your tools!

You have to understand your team, their capabilities, how hard you can push them, if they are competitive, if the work better through positive/negative reinforcement, you have to take all these things into consideration.


When making plan, understand the world will not follow your plan accordingly down to the letter, instead, understand that life will most likely turn your plan on its head, and only then, will you opportunity to succeed arise, and your plan has to be able to work backwards.

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