How I Keep Hustling

The reason why we catch ourselves procrastinating, or not working hard, it is because we have made it a habit to do so. This is something I learned from watching people that hustle, like Gary Vaynerchuck, when you are working, hustle your work. When you are resting, hustle your rest.

If you keep switching gears within your day, you will never be able to fully work, and fully incorporate yourself into a project. This doesn’t mean you have to hustle everyday until you reach those two weeks of vacation, instead, you hustle 5 days a week, and fucking rest for the last two.

Do not allow yourself to even think of chilling, procrastinating, anything, until you reach those two days. You won’t succeed at first, you will only get a little bit better at hustling everyday. Expect this, and don’t beat yourself up every time you watch a youtube video. Just pick yourself back up, and get back on the machine.

This post was pretty short, but hustling is really that simple. Keep it up.

I want my name to show up every time you google the word hustle, and the only way to do that is if I keep hustling, and I keep proving my hustle online.

You got this.
Keep hustling.


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