How to Mind Control

For the longest time, I would sit in silence, fuming over the dirty and lazy habits of my other roommates. They would leave behind so many dishes in the sink, and they would never clean up after themselves. It was disgusting, and soon after, we had an infestation of flies. It was nasty.

So how do you make people do what you want, when it is besides their character, and disgusting personality? How do you mind control them?

I would be lying if I were to tell you that I could put my fingers against my forehead, and squint, and make others do what I please, that is not what I mean when I say mind control. Instead, I am talking about using layers of subtle reinforcement to make them want to do what you ask for.

When I was a junior in high school, I had a research paper that was due in my english class. Now like most of you, I desperately did not want to write a research paper. And so, I thought of a way out. In all high school classes, including yours, there is always the nerd, or the over achiever that desperately wants to show everyone how smart they are. Knowing this, I decided to use their own vanity against them.

My class created a page on facebook, and I decided to write a simple post about a potential research paper idea, however, what was significant about this post, was that it was factually wrong, and made wrong claims. And by doing so, this baited Mr. Smarty Pants, to take up a debate, and provide countless amounts of sources to back his claim. Then the other smarty pants people of my class started to debate number 1.

Within 10 minutes, I had all the sources I needed, and all the opinions, counter claims, and counter arguments for one well polished essay. Thanks guys~

Mind control is really just playing with the vanities or weak-spots of other people. Now this isn’t exactly the most humane thing to do, but sometimes you just don’t want to write a research paper.
Rig the game against them, and make them think that they are beating you the entire time, when in reality, you were never playing in the first place, and they were just playing themselves.



Sam Choi

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