Selling Yourself

One of the skills that we all need to develop is interviewing skills. We need to be able to sell ourselves effectively so that we don’t come off as too cocky or too humble. It is a tight rope of semantics, but here are a few tips that I had to cultivate through countless job interviews, model calls, and auditions.

1. The First Impression will Determine the Entire Interview

From the moment you walk in, to the second you sit down, make sure you communicate confidence, but most importantly, comfort. You want the interviewers to be comfortable.
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2. Have Compelling Stories to Tell

Look back in life, and use some of the hardships that you had to overcome. I tend to use my homeless stories, or the times when I was a chef. Stories connect people, and you want to build as much rapport with your audience, develop a relationship, before selling anything.

3. You do not need this Job.

When it comes to any negotiation, the golden rule is, “The one who cares the most, loses.” I do not care how much you “need” this job. Do not let them know that. Act like you have a ton of options, and you are just trying to see which will be the best fit for you.

4. Be Cultured.

You want to dip your feet in as many things as possible, so that if the interviewers bring up a topic, you will be able to contribute, and not seem like an uncultured prick that is desperately trying to get approval.

Do way you do that is by trying everything once. If you ever get an opportunity to try something new, go for it. And if you don’t like it, it’s okay, at least you have an opinion about water polo.

5. Do not Stutter.

This is obvious.

Now obviously, these are not the end all tips to being a great interviewee, but it is one hell of a start. Get these things done first, and then keep moving forward.


Sam Choi


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