When you stop progressing

This title is a little misleading in the way that I under-exaggerated. Today, I actually decreased. I woke up at around 5:40 am today, felt great, and I was ready to take on the day. And as part of my morning routine to wake me up, I looked at my phone, and checked my notifications. And as many of you know, I am trying to become a youtuber. And after going from 38 subscribers to over 320 in two weeks, things were going very well for my channel.


However, like all growth spurts, you eventually plateau. And that is what has been happening to me for the past couple of days. I went from getting 100 subscribers a day, to getting around 10. But luckily, I was mentally prepared for this, and so it did not affect me. But one thing I did not prepare as much for was my subscriber count going down. I actually went backwards today. Luckily, I was not totally unprepared and spent some time mentally preparing for the event, but still, having it be the first thing that I woke up to, was a bit of a downer.


But this is why we have back up plans.


So luckily, I planned ahead, and decided to meet up with a youtuber(Dylan Froscot) in order to collaborate with him, and make another video. And if you guys did not know, he was the reason for my growth spurt in the first place. So I will collaborate with him, and expect to have an even larger explosion of growth than last time. I am quite excited about that.


There are ways to put your mind at ease, in times where you decrease. One way is planning ahead. Getting on it, and making sure that you ride out the growth for as long as you can, and once your done, you get on another ride. But what about the times, when life hits you unexpected?


This is when it all comes down to stoicism. You need to understand that you have the choice to react in any way you please. If you think a situation is dire, than you will act direly. If you think a situation is an opportunity for strategic thinking, you will act accordingly. If you think a situation is tragic and horrid, you will act accordingly.


Your initial reaction is the most important. It will outline how you will proceed to act and feel. 

So when something bad happens, do not go straight into “knowing” how bad the situation is, instead take it as an opportunity to practice self-control, morality, and opportunism. Put some effort into being who you want to be, and who you should be.


Be the person that you wish, by being mindful of the person you are.



2 thoughts on “When you stop progressing

  1. Great post! As a fellow aspiring YouTuber (who has yet to get that growth spurt), I can relate with feelings of ups and downs when it comes to progress. Taking a stoic approach to building my channel is something I need to do more of.


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