Reorganizing After a Storm

So in the light of recent tragic events of my life, I was forced to reorganize my days so that I will be able to work and get the stuff I need to done. I wanted to share with you guys my findings.

  1. If things can not be changed back to the way they once were, then you will have to adapt.
    Try not to linger over the past, and just get straight into what needs to be done. You will save a lot of time by thinking about what you can do in that moment, instead of what you want to do, even though your circumstances will not allow you to.
  2. When you finally have a game plan, go through with it, and correct your mistakes along the way.
    Too many of us try to have a perfect strategy from the beginning. the best leader doesn’t have perfect execution, the best leader is the best at adapting, and is open minded to change. The leader is not so attached to his plan, that he is unwilling to change, even at the sake of his army.
  3. Be open-minded, and welcome change.
    You are not perfect, so neither is your plan.

You have to be mature enough to understand that you are not perfect, and when you mess up, you have to be able to blame yourself, and take it upon yourself to edit your plan, and make a new one.



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