Remembering what is important before it is too late.

How many of us don’t realize how important something is to us, until it is gone. Whether it be a girlfriend, a relative, a dog,  or maybe some household item. Whatever it may be, the point is that we have blinders on in our lives that disable us from seeing the true value in things. And this translates throughout our lives.


So we need a system to develop our senses to be able to see the value in things constantly. The system that I have developed is simple, but it is not easy to execute, and this is because of its prerequisites.

The Process.


You have to have read this book. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, reveals the ways that we all interpret and receive love. Now how does this book relate to maintaining a truthful view of importance?


Well the first step is to figure out your love language. You have to be able to understand how you receive and interpret significance, and this will help you maintain mental clarity. So for example, my key love language is words of affirmation,  you have to figure out what yours are.


The next step is to take the things that are important to you, and find something within them that speak your love language. A personal example of mine is my girlfriend. It is very easy to forget what value they hold, and so I chose a letter that she sent me while we were in a long distance relationship. The words were so heartfelt and sweet, and whenever I read it, I am reminded of the emotions of the soft emotions I feel for her. And so, whenever I catch myself feeling annoyed or angry, I look at that letter to remind myself how important she is to me, and I end up feeling grateful.


Like I said in my earlier posts, it is impossible to feel grateful and angry at the same time. Tony Robbins says the same thing, and if you don’t want to take my word for it, take his.


Now for you, your love language is most likely totally different, so a letter with some kind words might not mean anything to you. Maybe its a gift, or an act of service. Figure it out by reading the book, its a really short and easy read.

Here are the steps:

  1. Figure out your love language.
  2. Find something meaningful to you in your love language from the person/object.
  3. Use what you found to remind yourself of its value.


Good luck,



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