How to Recover from a Creative Burn out in 1 Minute.

I was recently working on an essay that I was just absolutely dreading. I usually get mentally fatigued within about 45 mins-1 hour. And if I am really in the zone, and I am passionate about what it is I am doing, then sometimes I never burn out.

However, in this case I burned out after 15 mins of work. The work was just so uninteresting to me, and I had no desire to finish my work, besides the fact that it would determine my grade. I did not have time to allow myself to burn out, so I had to figure something out quick. With not much time to lose, I was able to figure a few things I could do to help myself get back on track with minimum amounts of wasted time.

So here are few quick tips whenever you have to be creative for an extended period of time, and you find yourself burning out faster than usual.


1. Do a quick workout.
One of the best and fasted ways to fix your mental fatigue.

Working out is proven to improve mental health, promote emotional stability, and improve body imbalances.
I have relied on short 30 sec to a minute workouts, and I come back feeling brand new, and I am able to go back at my work.

Here are a few workouts that I have relied on.
-50 push ups
-10 handstand push ups
-15 squats

2. Walk away from your work station.
Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery, and some movement to get your blood flowing. You could also try systematically moving around and changing your work stations. I just tend to walk into my living room, and then come right back, and I am able to start working again.

I hope this helps, please tell me if you have your own little tricks to help you be more productive. Now…GET BACK TO WORK.


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