Being Cornered and Betrayed: How to deal with the confrontation

Now, if you have been following this blog, some of you may know that I was thrown under the bus by a group of people. This post is quite difficult for me to write about because of how raw my emotions are still are over the matter, but I believe that this will help a lot of you guys, so I am forcing myself to write this.

When you find yourself being pushed into a corner, and you are all alone, here are a few things that I recommend for you to do.

1. Find a friend.
It is quite usual for their to be at least one person that does not wish to corner you, or for there to be one person that you actually got along with or have some connection to.

Focus on them, and try to win them over, and make them see your side. In a battle where you are grossly outnumbered, and retreating is not an option, the first thing you do is expand your numbers.

So reach out to the person who you believe is most likely to see your side and support you, because this is a battle of numbers, and you will not win without any back up.

2. Negotiate, and come prepared.
If they are all cornering you, and you decide to fight back, make sure you have a strong argument to back up your claims.

It needs to be polished and well rehearsed. You are already in a bad position, and you cannot afford to stutter with your words, and look weak.

3. Be Strong and Confident.
Do not let them know that you are hurt, nor that you feel cornered. Make them think that you have the upper hand, and they will surely be more swayed into letting you off. If you can sway them into thinking that it is indeed you who has the upper hand, you will have won the battle.


I hope this post was of use to you, if it was please share the post and check out my youtube channel





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