How to get a woman. . .you deserve

Caution: if you’re easily offended please do not read this!

Guys, let’s not kid ourselves. We all want to date that perfect girl; long legs, beautiful face, nice body, with a cute and sexy personality. But how many of us are men that women would equally crave after? I mean, it’s a simple thought, but we all forget that we should deserve what we get. If you want a top notch women, you should be a top notch man.


Last night, I was doing a bit of introspection, and I was writing about what I want/need in a woman. I realized not only how specific I was, but how much I was asking for. I wanted a dirty and innocent girl(how one manages that, I have no idea), with a cute and sexy personality, with a beautiful face and body. Some might say that these are impossible expectations. Although I would settle for rare, I still do understand the amount that I am asking for in a person. Which I think is fine, because why not look for the best of people? If I am going to spend the rest of my life of someone, then I want to choose them wisely.


And so after the thought experiment, I asked myself, “How do I become a man that deserves a woman like that?”. Well to start, I should try to become more beautiful. And however vain this may sound,  this is not out of insecurity. I think before anyone tries to take on such an endeavor, one should already have a sufficient amount of self-confidence, because w/o it, that could lead to all other types of self-image issues.


Anyways, how do I go about becoming more beautiful? I will keep working out, so I got the physical aspect down, of course I can/will always improve. My fashion can use a boost. I want to go for a casual James Bond style. And the last thing would be my manners, although I am already quite chivalrous, I still want to cut out cussing. Actually,quite recently, I have chosen to stop gawking at other women, because I notice that it was becoming a problem. I want to have more control over my life.


I want to teach you how to be mindful of everything. When thinking about your “dream girl”, think am I that girl’s “dream guy”? If not, you will never and should never get that girl. You want to be your partner’s equal, so become her equal.


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