Undoing the Damage of Pornography

I am sorry, but this post will deal with specifically male problems. Forgive me ladies, but I am also a man, and so in order to be completely transparent, I must be who I am, and that is a man. But this should not bar you from reading on, because there are many gems throughout… Continue reading Undoing the Damage of Pornography

Being Lazy, and how to wake up Hardcore

So I woke up at around 6 am today. And I know to some, that is pretty early already. However let me put that into perspective. I usually wake up at around 5:30. But… why? Well, I just like getting my work done as soon as I wake up. I have the most creative energy,… Continue reading Being Lazy, and how to wake up Hardcore

My Love of Jazz

There will be no advice in this post, just some good o’l lovin. There was a warmth in the air. During those days there weren’t any air conditioners, just fans. The floors were made of wood, and everything had a brown teal. And at the center of all the wood, and the dusty, warm air… Continue reading My Love of Jazz

12 Days of Gratitude Challenge Series!

In the light of Christmas slowly coming closer, I wanted to prepare for the season of giving by trying to spread the spirit of gratitude. Instead of expecting gifts, what if we didn’t expect anything, and anything we do get, we appreciate with all of our hearts, and fully embody a spirit of gratitude.  … Continue reading 12 Days of Gratitude Challenge Series!

Sam’s Principals to Life

I was recently advised to make an exact ┬álist of principals by an extremely great and honorable man. I was interested by the idea, and so I told myself that I would get on it. However, principals always change and evolve over time. They do this, because we are not perfect, and so our morals… Continue reading Sam’s Principals to Life

Being Trasparent

I need to show you who I am. I need to show you who I am entirely, warts and all. I can tell you about all the things I am doing right in my life, but then I become inhuman. Sure being transparent is good for the soul, and for the ego, but there is… Continue reading Being Trasparent

Understanding your weaknesses

I have taken up a new endeavor. I have started to listen to keynotes while writing blog posts. I wanted to see how I could divide my attention during synthesis. And during my writing, I came to a realization about the process of attaining a new skill. The Innovation When we try to attain a… Continue reading Understanding your weaknesses