Protect my Time

POETRY WARNING! If you are new to my blog, then know that I do not only write self-help posts, I also write poetry and short stories. So the following will be a poem of mine, if you don’t like poetry, then please enjoy some of other posts~ thank you, and enjoy~



Protect my time

for i treasure it

To depend on myself is something that I seek.

But perhaps in that summer’s night

I will not be as lost as I am now.

When the sun spews light in my way,

I will see where I was now

I do not want to lose

no, I do not want to lose.

Have I become boring to you?

I say there is strength in my reluctance

My journeying throughout my mind

But now it seems like the tables have turned

and it is indeed you who is blind.

And as a reference of sadness brings the labor of depression

may you be dedicated to your work in an orderly fashion.

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